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DemonSquirrels' Mod is a mod for Starwars Empire at war Forces of Corruption made by DemonSquirrel will add a significant number of units, heroes and a few structures to the Empire, Rebellion and the Zann Consortium. Players will now be able to command long abandoned clone wars units. From the Battle droids to the Lucrehulk battleship and even the Providence class Destroyer. Note that none of the units included below are in skirmish as there are too many .

There are too many new units to list, but some of the new Imperial units include:[list]
[*]Eclipse class Super Star Destroyer
[*]Executor class Super Star Destroyer
[*]Imperial Star Destroyer MK II
[*]Titan Heavy Destroyer
[*]Venator Star Destroyer
[*]Lancer Frigate
[*]Missile Boat Squadron
[*]Assault Gunboat Squadron
[*]TIE Advanced Squadron
To see the long list of changes, look below.

Enjoy the mod.
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