I want something for the new game I got today
The homepage of LoneBullet has a very big dedicated search box. You just type in your game's name and press enter. Then you can see what content is available for that game. Choose the appropriate category, and you will find lots of free downloads of that category for your game.
How do I search for a specific file?
Head to the appropriate category(like mods, patches, etc) from the top blue drop down menu and you will find a search box on the top right of the page. Enter your search terms and press enter. Alternatively, you can choose the category on the big search box on the homepage, enter your search keywords into the box. and press enter.
I cannot find my game
You sure you are writing the spelling of the game's name correctly. LoneBullet has a huge database of games, even has games listed with no downloadable content. All it requires is the correct spelling.
This game has no downloadable content
Some games listed on LoneBullet have no downloadable content or any cheat codes or walkthroughs. We plan to add stuff for these games in the near future.
Do you offer new games for free download?
Yes, you can find games for free download on LoneBullet. But you wont find any copyrighted games. Games that have been released as free games can be downloaded from LoneBullet.
Is downloading cracks and fixes for games illegal?
Cracks and fixes are provided for only those who have lost their original CD/DVD/BluRay for the game. Downloading these cracks and fixes for pirated copies of the games can be termed as illegal.
What are points? Why do I need them?
Points are a system on ranking on LoneBullet. User with higher points is ranked higher. Though we havent made a official listing page nor are the rankings publically displayed anywhere as of now, but we do plan on having a 'top contributor' section. As of right now you can gain points by two methods:
  1. By uploading files: You gain 20 points for uploading a file. Even though a file is not approved before appearing in the appropriate section on LoneBullet, you points will be removed if you upload files that are not related to the game or reported too many times by users.
  2. Recieving thanks: You gain 1 point for each `thanks` you recieve for your uploaded file.
How to upload files?
Uploading your own files to LoneBullet is a very easy task! You need to sign up on lonebullet or login to your account if you have not done so already. Then:
  1. Open your dashboard from the top right corner.
  2. Goto the upload files section using the button on the right pane
  3. Fill in all the required details about the file
  4. Attach the screenshots (optional)
  5. Wait while your file uploads (you can see the progress below the upload form) and you get a success message. The system will return a link of the file you just uploaded. The file will also show up top at our listings.
Is my file deleted after a specific time?
We currently dont delete any files on LoneBullet as we have tons of space, but if the need be, we will delete your file if it falls in our restricted list of files. We will move your file if it does not fall in the specified category.
Restricted List of Files
These files are not allowed to be uploaded to LoneBullet
  1. Files that are not related to the gaming world
  2. Files that you do not have permission to upload or share publically, this includes copyrighted files and files of other authors. If the author allows, you can upload by giving citation in the description.
  3. Files that trigger our antivirus system
  4. Files that attract Law Enforcement or DMCA
I just wanna ask one thing...
If what you need to know is not on this list of FAQs, then do write us an email at [email protected] and we will try to reply you as soon as we can. You can also contact us on facebook, or twitter, or using the contact form on LoneBullet.