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The Babylon Project is an attempt to move the world from the popular television series Babylon 5 in the environment of the game Freespace 2. Initially (in 1999) was a modification of the programme, today-after the publication of the source code-there is already a full, though still a free product to all fans of the show.
Like the prototype, so The Babylon Project is a spaceship simulator of an arcade, with the difference that all ships, the names and background of humorous scenarios contained in the campaign, refer to the abovementioned series. The authors of the faithful reproduction of both model ships as well as the General of the television world the many nuances of the tapeworm. Used, among other things. the original path dialog box, music and video scenes. In the game niezapomniano also multiplayer mode in which players can fly well known from the television series Babylon 5 fighters and roll to fight among themselves.
The game uses a modified engine for Freespace 2 , and does not require the original version of the program to operate. Along with the program are available from various campaigns, you need to install regardless of the core game. The first scenario pack is a set of five missions, focusing on the battles between Earth and Minbari.
Note: The single-player Mission Pack is required for entertainment, for example. Earth-Minbari War.
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