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UFO: Alien Invasion is a strategy game by round, in which our task is to stop the aliens, trying to conquer the Earth. The player will play the role of a commander of a special group of soldiers, who were assigned to fight the invaders. In General, the authors derive handfuls ideas from the legendary series of X-Com, and in fact the first its representatives- UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-Com: Terror from the Deep.
In addition, military threads game puts a strong emphasis on the economic sphere and the development of new technologies. Without those first, you will not be able to equip their troops in tools of destruction and ships needed to transport the troops, while the tests will allow you to create a completely new means to exterminate opponents, who with your progress in the game will be more and more dangerous. Part of the tactical is alive fucked from the original UFO: Enemy Unknown and relies on the so-called. traffic points. Every soldier has a central enforced on their number, which can be used to move, putting shots or using all sorts of accessories, for example. kits; regenerative energy. After all action is followed by a round of the enemy and so on, until the final emergence of the winners of the clash.
Note: Game version v. 2.3.1.
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