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During the last few months of the Clone Wars, the Venator Class ship Rod'Neggra was surveying the remote planet ARW-11201 when it suddenly lost power and crashed on the surface. Those few who survived the crash established a small camp in a valley near the wreck, but they were quickly killed by coolant vapours leaking from the ship's ion engines and hyperdrive. The coolant continued to leak from the ship, in both vapour and liquid form. The coolant vapours eventually became so spread-out to become harmless, but the liquid coolant continued to do damage. Not long after the ship crashed, the valley formed by the impact filled with water. When the coolant leaked into this water, it quickly became toxic, and the poison spread all over the planet. The net result: The planet was rendered uninhabitable to any higher lifeform.

But now, conflict has sparked on ARW-11201. Rumour has it that the ship carried a large supply of weaponry and resources, as well as star charts detailing hyperspace travel vectors that would allow strategic sectors to be bypassed and would cause the galactic conflict to widen, and give whoever controlled the charts a decisive strategic advantage. It is also rumoured that there are pirates operating a small base on ARW-11201.
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