Bespin EaW (SD)darthexecutor

Box art for Bespin EaW (SD)darthexecutor For: Empire at War
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This may be the highest version of a map (maybe of anything) we have here on EAWFiles. If it's not, I'm interested to see what is.

I really do appreciate the fixes and attention to detail that go into Andres_16's maps. Too often people submit a map that could be really great, but it has some bugs. Even just fixing the initial bugs for a v2 would make the map a keeper, however it rarely happens. So cheers to Andres_16 for raising the bar (pun intended).

hi, here is a new version of Bespin for EaW i i add more balance because in multiplayer i see the rebel can go to the mines first and the empire no :(
1)i add shields generators in the mines
1) more time to the rebels to go to the mines
2) passability fix
enjoy this map :)

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