Coral Island

Box art for Coral Island For: Crysis
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Coral Island. Designed for maximum game settings


This is small level for Crysis and Crysis Wars with out of any missions. It's only for demonstrate beautiful environment of tropical island nature in photorealistic view.
In level used new textures for terrain, decals and some objects. Added new day/night ambient sound with full TOD cycle. New playable player character in Robinson role just for fun.

System Requirements:
Have installed Crysis Wars or Crysis game.
Recommended for best performance OS Windows x64 (with high perfomance CPU and 4Gb RAM or more) and have installed the lastest patch for Crysis Wars and Crysis.
download patches link:

Installation instruction:
Download and run the standart installation wizard, click next to select destination as Crysis Wars or Crysis root folder to install Coral Island map.
Wait util setup program is finished. For manual launch: doble click on "Coralisland - map.cmd", it locates in the games root folder.

Uninstall instruction:
For uninstall just run the CoralIsland_Uninstall.cmd.

Coral Island Update 1 available for download:

Coral Island Update1

Need to install Coral Island map before update.
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2018-03-25 05:45:12 comment#81
Looks very nice :)
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