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Here is the newest version of the [b]Defence of the Ancients[/b] with AI!

This AI is adapted from v5.84c AI, but it isn't the one Karising made. The one [i]cloud_str[/i] used was by [i]Guinsoo[/i] (although there are too many similarities to the AI of Mercenaries v2.17 by Padin Fain).
[i]"To Guinsoo or Padin Fain, I'm sorry I haven't given an exact credit to you, since I don't know who made the v5.84c AI. Please contact me."[/i]
There are many improvements made for this version, and a lot of the ideas are postposed plans on the part of the developer, and a few are adapted from other AIs.

[b]Some of the Battle enchancements made are:[/b]
AI now knows "primary skills", e.g. Storm Bolt for Sven and Leoric. These skills will be prioritized to learn.
Added new system to strategically spam heroes' spells, especially in killmode. More spells are available for AI heroes:
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