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First time [i]Company of Heroes[/i] developer has submitted their map for your gaming enjoyment! This map's origins make for an interesting story...How many developers out there have figured out what kind of map, as well as the types of challenges to be included, that they want to make, only to spend an absurd amount of time on the location? This would appear to be the position that U.F.F.E was in with this map...until a friend requested a map of their own community, so he could do battles in a familiar setting. So, what we have here is a map based on an area in Vollsmose which is located in Odense, Denmark.

[img][/img] [img][/img]

This map is rather long and narrow, sort of a slice of the area that U.F.F.E lives in; it will make for a unique experience, as it is a map with today's scenery, not something that you would see in the 1940s era...however, once you get past that, you and seven f your friends are in for a [i]frag-0-licious[/i] time in Fort Fjolleren! Enjoy.

Refer to the readme for additional information.
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