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Box art for new generation For: Empire at War
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this is my temperate map from the new generation fils.....

it\'s a nice green map, on the planet?! well dantooine let\'s say! it\'s a story line of an well used rebel shipyard that has grown in the many years.
and\'s under attack, bye the empire and the zann consortium. the consortium have landed on the planet or crashed( as you can see on the screenshots) a few week\'s ago and have set up a base.
the empire just landed on the planet without any trouble. and now the battle begins, the rebel shipyard is a competitor against other Imperial shipyards( well not like Kuat or something, buth they want to get rid of it anyway)
so the rebels must defend the base and destroy both the consortium and empire. and they need your help to win this battle, or to just crush your way trough with the empire, or murder and bribe it with the consortium.
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