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"Got a new file for you" says the site manager to me this morning. I go to look and it is actually a map! None of this boring script stuff! (Sorry to all you hard working scripters out there). My excitement began to subside when I saw it was a survival, which is my least favorite game type. After loading the map, my anticipation totally took a one way trip off a cliff when I saw it was a warehouse.

Ok, let me set something straight. I hate warehouse maps, seriously. I am an advocate for creativity and while warehouses may not be easy to make I still find them cliche. Having said that I must say this is probably the best warehouse'o'doom map I've seen so far. A lot of work has gone into this map and the placement of weapons will keep you on your toes and moving quite a bit. I found a few clipping issues though (mostly with Coach's fat buttocks) which made our team the centerpiece of a Tank's dinner a few times. If you aren't like me and actually have human friends I'm sure this map will give you all a great evening. Have fun!

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