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Hi everyone, this is my first map ever, so don't be critiky, I worked for a couple days on this and I think it's pretty good. Hope you all like it.

I have to be a bit 'critcky', it's part of the review process. Simple form method today.
Well done map, not boring. Good use of the height tool and water effects.
Object placement. Trees, turrets, units all look like they should be where they start at.
Fun and strategic. Starting with few vehicles and many units throughout the map causes each team to prioritize and create a battle plan.

No reinforcement points. (although that may have been done on purpose, I'd still like to see each team with one.)
No passability changes. Troops can walk upon the highest mountains and into the depths of the lake.
No buildpads. Once the turrets are destroyed they're gone for good. It would be nice to be able to rebuild them... but it's not a make or break issue.

Hopefully a few changes can make v2 even more playable. I hope this author make more maps in the future. If this is his first, there is a lot of potential there for awesome maps.

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