Ryloth (S) (by Bly)

Box art for Ryloth (S) (by Bly) For: Empire at War
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My favorite part of this map is that when you play with three teams, it's a solid fight over the resources. The planet Ryloth is on the far left of the map and an asteroid belt surrounds is protected with laser turrets. There are a couple mines in the asteroid belt, with a merchant space dock and a sensor node closer to the planet. It's a rather small map which should lead to some quick battles.
[quote]ey, simple spacemap in the rim of ryltoh to make my other ryloth map compleet to match the SW the clonewars episodes around ryltoh (only in imperial times :P)
if i saw it earlyer it would be packed with the Ryltoh landmap.[/quote]

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