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This was originally created when Bigfoot was part of the Mercenaries beta testing team. He started creating his own maps after beta testing Hayabusa's maps. When Hayabusa refused to include any of his maps in the latest Mercenaries mod he left with other modders to form Modders Central (The MCC mod) Over a short period he became very prolific in creating maps, but most were very average to poor creations, lacking any detail w.r.t. static objects in the maps; his later maps did improve somewhat.

I beta tested all of BigFoots maps and can say they are still worth downloading, though they were never up to the standard of mappers like Hayabusa, The Dark, Jones, IamtheHeadHunter,BierPizzaChips, Shanejohn, Froachman etc..

The reason I've uploaded this file is because the version of Slaughter on the Beach file that Lone Bullet already holds is corrupt. It's short on its quoted size of 15.23MB by over a megabyte. If you download that version you will get a 14.5MB file which downloads as a rar file. Unpacking it reveals an executable which when activated will come up with the message ''This file contains invalid data''

I've checked other sites holding Battlefield 2 maps such as GAU-Games, Game Bannana, Night Watch Milita, ModDB, etc and was unable to find any Slaughter on the Beach copies apart from the one here at Lone Bullet and via Gamefront and both are corrupted.

According to the author BigFoot48us the map can be played in Singleplayer, Coop or Conquest and has been tested in the BF2 Vanilla levels folder as well as the MCC, Mercenaries, Hard Justice, Realism and Project Reality mods. It also works in the Marines mod (created by MadOsga aka Andremio (map named after him called Andremio Forest by Hayabusa).

The working version I've uploaded was lifted from a backed up copy of the Marines mod which was created by MadOsga, who also worked with Hayabusa on the Mercs mod (and created an excellent addon for mercs 11 that added lots of extra destructible objects including trees, water towers and some buildings, though the larger objects were not destructible by small arms fire only tanks and other missiles - the addon was never officially released but I will be uploading a copy just as soon as i've got permission from MadOsga himself - you do need Mercs 11 for it to work and that seems to have disappeared from all the download sites i know of and the disk i had it backed up on was broken recently, but I'm hoping to still find it on one of the many DVD's i've backed BF2 files on).

Anyway, I digress.

I backed up an installed copy of MadOsga's Marines mod that included some of Bigfoots maps including Slaughter on the Beach. I've packed placed the installed map files ''Slaughter_On_The_Beach'' into a folder called Slaughter on the Beach, then zipped that folder. S when uppacked you need to pen that folder then copy the map folder (labelled Slaughter_On_The_Beach) that contains the info, client and server files plus a read me. (The read me is out of date with respect to all the links. Modders Central the group that was created no longer exists nor does Bigfoots email {I've tried to contact him several times}).

The read me contains other information including the mods that the map works with, which I've also included here as well as a thank you to all the map testers (I'm listed there as well).

Once unpacked you then need to copy over the Slaughter_On_The_Beach folder to your Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels folder directly.

The default installation is C:/Program files (x86)/E.A.Games/Battlefield 2/Mods/BF2/levels/

Of all Bigfoots maps, this was one of my favorites together with his 1941 map.

I've tested the map in vanilla BF2 and it worked perfectly. I had all graphic options set to maximum. Don't know if it works with lower settings, but it probably does as I did beta test this for Bigfoot and always checked with low to high settings.


ps I did try to upload several in game images, but it would only allow the one, so I included the map overview.
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2019-05-14 23:21:03 comment#116
Wow, I only uploaded the file less than 10 min's ago and already there's been 5 downloads. Be warned, this is not in the same class as the authors I mention in the description i.e. Hayabusa, The Dark, Jones, IamtheHeadHunter,BierPizzaChips, Shanejohn, Froachman etc. But it is still lot's of fun to play. All flags have loads of armor and the carrier has plenty of helicopters and a few jets. You have to run up to the carrier as the spawn point is located on the beach; you can drive up quicker.
2019-05-14 23:15:29 comment#115
Please excuse the typo's in my description above and the off subject stuff.
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