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Terminal is an Action Quake 2 map released in 2012 by WizardExt.

Terminal is a medium sized map set in an airport terminal and is a remake of the classic map Airport. I wanted to make the map a bit more all-around. Easier to navigate, better balance and improved visuals.

For Terminal, I made a LOT of changes. It’s more of a re-imagination than remake. Here are the changes:

▪️ Removed toilet interiors
▪️ Removed luggage storage interior
▪️ Removed generic mid-room interior
▪️ Improved connectivity; more routes and better flow
▪️ Added jumps
▪️ Overall theme and themed areas
▪️ New custom textures

Terminal has been one of the most fun maps to work on for Action Quake 2. Interesting to re-designing the original to something more accessible and fun, with a stronger theme.

- David "WizardExt" Lundvall
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