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Another nice map, but this time we get a backstory to go with it. This map should play host to many fun and frantic firefights, so be sure to give it a try if you like the idea behind it.

[quote]Hey RPsidious71549 is back with a map of the Discovery Saga. I hope you enjoy these maps so far.

Description: The Discovery 2.0 is a map for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. That brings the Empire the Rebellion and now the Zann Consortium onto this unknown planet in the far reaches of the outer rim. The name of the unknown planet remains hidden, only the locals know the name but refuse to tell anyone. The long forgotten Sith settled on the planet during the great Hyperspace wars and established a temple there. But 50 years later during the war with Exar Kun the Jedi and the Republic attacked the temple and froze all the remaining Sith on the planet in carbonite.
The Empire grow eager on finding the ancient Sith temple for the can get weapons and unfreeze the Sith and make them work for the Empire. But sadly the Empire does not know where the temple is. The locals know the location of the Sith temple and are offering the Empire the location of it only for something in return. They want protection from any outsiders and the Indigenous aliens that live on the planet, but they need to know that the Empire will live up to there part of the bargain because they have heard some bad stuff about the Empire. The Empire had helped them for couple months and finally told them the location of it but the path to the Sith temple is incredibly dangerous.
After the Empire figured out the location of the Sith temple the Rebellion came to the planet and sliced into the imperial records and found the location of the temple. About 5 months later the Zann Consortium comes to the planet for mining, and they find the temple by them selves.[/quote]
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