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These are the World in Conflict maps that have been downloaded the most. World in Conflict is a Strategy game for PC. We have reset our counter from 2024-02-26 and these maps have been downloaded since then.

World in Conflict is a pretty popular game for the PC and new maps are always good for it. You can even upload your World in Conflict maps on LoneBullet and become a part of the community. The below maps are sorted by number of downloads this current week:

  1. World in Conflict Map Tool The Map Tool, or “WicEd”, allows imaginative people to create their own, unique maps for the gam...
  2. World in Conflict v1.002 to v1.003 Server Patch
  3. Bombshell
  4. Twilight of Our Existance Lots of small changes. The nuke is twice as big. Airstrikes are three times as big. Heavy Air Suppor...
  5. Do Islands Readme: "A nice little map with 3 Islands. One island is accessible by bridge. Another one is fil...
  6. Black Hawk Down Mappack v0.22b
  7. Map Maker WicEd v1.0 WiCEd is the official map making tool that can be used to create maps for the game World in Conflict...
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