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A realism mod that makes Company of Heroes a much more realistic game. Now, the players must use tactics, skill, and cunning to win a fight. War is now war.
The changes included are,

[quote] Americans:

-During WWII, every American squad was outfitted with an M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, a squad-leader
with an M1 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, and all other members of the squad carried an M1 Garand. With this
in mindn the Rifle Squads, Airborne Squads, and Ranger Squads in the game are now all outfitted with
historical armaments. Also, all American weapons are of historic damage and range values.
-Now, American tactics on the field were very different from other countries during the war. American
tactics consisted of suppressive fire carried out by the squad allowing another American squad or
combat unit to flank the enemy position, effectively eliminating the enemy. Due to this historical
fact Rifle Squads, Airborne Squads, and Ranger Squads now all have the ability to use the Suppressive
Fire ability. Also, to ensure this tactice can be used at all times as it was in WWII, the Suppressive
Fire ability no longer requires an upgrade from the Barracks. However, Grenades and Sticky Bombs still
require the upgrade from the Barracks as a gameplay balance.
-Also, over the course of WWII, all Allied armor was cheap and affordable as well as mass-produced on
assembly lines. Allied armor was also not designed to deflect the heavy calibers of German weaponry,
especially the 88mm tank gun the Panzers, Panthers, and Tigers employed. Allied tanks were not heavily
armored. With these facts in mind all American tanks now have realistic damage, penetration, and range
values depending on the caliber of round they fire. Also, American tanks no longer have high amounts of
hit points. Use your American tanks wisely. And another features is that American tanks are now cheaper
to build and take less time to build as well.
-Contrary to what Relic had designed into Company of Heroes, the Americans during WWII had used more
than just the 60mm mortar. The Americans had also put the 81mm mortar into use. SO, you can now create
81mm Mortar Teams from the Weapon Support Center.


-During WWII, every German squad was outfitted with an MG42 Light Machine Gun, its squad leader carried
an MP40 or MP44, and all other members of the squad carried a Karbiner 98k. In the game Volsgrenadiers,
Grenadiers, and Stormtroopers now cary historical armaments. Also, all German weapons are of historic
damage and range values.
-German vehicles and armor were known for their superiority of firepower. Panzers, Panthers, and Tigers
employed the 88mm tank gun are were heavily armored. They were true examples of fine machines and were
not prone to break-downs. German tanks were well maintained and built by hand. In the game, German
tanks have historic damage, penetration, and range values depending on the round they fire. Not all German
tanks used the 88mm tank gun. German tanks now have higher hit points due to the amount of armor they

British/ Commonwealth:

-If the game had benn designed with modders in mind, British/Commonwealth Tommy squads woudl've been
able to be modded. If they are, I'm not aware of it. I had attempted to mod the Tommy squads, but I
found it to be difficult. Every weapon I had tried to outfit them with was a failure. Instead, I left
the squad as it was. However, every tank gun, artillery, weapon, and small arm are at realistic
penetratiobn, range, and damage values. Also, every British tank has realistic health values so that
they are not tank destroyers. Allied tanks during the war were not designed to take on German tanks.
Allied tank tactics were to use numbers to their advantage. Do so ingame.
-British tanks are now less expensive and take less time to create being as Allied tanks were built on
assembly lines.
-Also, Tommy squads and Commandos have the ability to use Suppression Fire ability that the Riflemen,
Rangers, and Airborne have the ability to do.
-In future, as my modding knowledge grows, I may be able to bring the Tommy squads to realistic terms.
But for now, they reamin the way the game designed them. Feel free to help with this problem.

Panzer Elite:

-The panzer Elite, it seems, were rather simple and quick to mod. I had changed every weapon's
properties to realistic values. This includes damage, range, and penetration. This goes for every army
in the game as I have said before. Also, the Panzer Elite Panzer Grenadier squads, Luftwaffe squads,
and Fallschrimmjager squads all have MG42 Light Machien Guns and Karbiner 98ks. Their officers have
MP44s, MP40s or FG42s depending on the squad.
-A bug with the Panzer Elite, which I intend to fix with or without the help of the community, is that
when you upgrade the Pnazer Grenadier squads with increased squad sizes it will give those Grenadier
squads both a member carrying a Karbiner 98k and a new member carrying an MG42 Light Machine Gun. I
intend to change it to the point where only a new member with a Karbine 98k is added to the squad. I
will probably require assistance from the communtiy and it would be greatly appreciated.
-Also, every Panzer Elite vehicles is brought to realistic haelth properties. They are still German
vehicles after all.
-A bug with


-Combat is now more realistic in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Every MAJOR infantry combat squad
is given the ability to Fire-Up. The squads that have this ability include Volsgrenadiers, Grenadiers
most Panzer Grenadier squads, Stormtrooper squads, Airborne, Ranger, Commandos, and Rifleman squads.
-As it is now, every soldier in the entire game has realistic health. This means no more standing out
in the open in the middles of a friefight. Every soldier is vulnerable to some serious detriments. War
is now war, dangerous as it always has been.
-Like it had been in any conclict since and during WWI, infantry squad had the ability to use smoke
grenades. At present with my limited modding prowess, the squads can use smoke but cannot actually
throw it. At present time the smoke ability for squads in similiar to the defensive smoke screen a
Sherman tank can deploy. However, in the future I plan to give infantry squads the ability to actually
throw the smoke grenades. I would very much like the community to help me this particular problem. Any
help in this situation would eb much appreciated.

End Notes:

I'm sure there are other features I had implimented, but I have forgotten them. As time passes and I
work on this mode more I will implement new features and recollect the ones I had implimented before.
In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this mod and all its new difficulty and spin on gameplay. I know I
enjoyed making the first version of this mod and I also very much enjoyed putting it together. Enjoy the
Authenticated Warfare Mod v1.0!

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