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Box art for Convectors Mod For: Empire at War
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I never thought I would enjoy this mod as much as I do. But the amount of work that has gone into this 1 cred./1 sec. mod is on par with mods trying to accomplish more elaborate feats. It offers some good multiplayer fun, but not as much strategy. It's like letting loose and going crazy.

You'll note in the readme there are instructions for getting this mod to work. They are a little confusing, but anyone who has used a mod before can get this to work pretty easily. Also, the .mtd files go in the ArtTextures subfolder.
[quote]well here is my new update. its has been a long time but i finaly got it here for the fun of every one. SO go take your super space station and def off and emperial scums or deastroy any reb in way wiht your star deastroyer! The life of the star wars empire at war gmae is epic. It can be 100x more EPic wiht my mod!(hint downlaod this 100x epic mod now)[/quote]

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