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Here it is. My Future_Warfare total conversion is finally ready. Download this instead of my previous versions. (82nd's future mod, future mod patch.)The final version won't come out for a while. I got some bugs I need to fix.the beta is good dont worry. Start a server and play with it. Download the Future_Warfare mod for Cod2, rate and comment. Got any ideas for the final project?

Important Notice, read details below.-----------------------------------

-New skins
-Three added new maps.
-New sounds
-New models
-New weapons
Weapon changes----
-All american.
-All german.
Added models-
-No scope springfield.
-Fast reload on grease gun
-Single bullet reload on snipers,reload twice to fix.
-Added blood mod
-added green tracers
-added orange smoke grenades
-added smoke mines.
-New menu
-New menu music
-New compass
-New scopes
-Fixes in beta 1.2-(soon to come)
-Reload problems.
-Menu team names. (germans;Cyborgs) (americans; Human Forces)
-Menu weapons renamed
-Menu weapon images.
Features soon to come-------
-new mg skins
-plasma grenades (requested)
-Give me more ideas.....lol
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