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Ok here\'s a bit about the Mod in general and a blurb on each ship.

Because ships of the Empire are designed as battleships finding power is always a struggle. Be sure to keep an eye on your power consumption and ballance it so you don\'t run out in the heat of battle. The cloak draws massive amouts of power so it is a good Idea to reduce power to unnessary or at least less vital systems while cloaked or you\'ll soon find your ship visable to enemy sensors. Also all ships in warp config draw power to the warp engines so be prepaired to interact with brex a lot. I highly recomend the advanced core options mod to help deal with power shortages.

The K-22 and the D-12 are similar is size but vary slightly in performance. The D-12 is a more capable fighting platform in comparison to it\'s older cousin the k-22. It has heavier shielding and higher maneuverability. The K-22 was designed as a multirole attack craft capable of interstellar and atmospheric combat maneuvering. The D-12 although atmospheric capable is primarily a interstellar attack craft. Although both ships can engage in combat while in their atmospheric and warp configurations because of the eps conduit configuration through the wing baffles the power to run the main wing mounted cannons is insufficient. Only the secondary wing mounted cannons will fire outside the combat configuration. While in combat configuration power is routed away from the secondary cannons to the main cannons. This concept is consistent throughout the bird of prey classes. In addition to the decrease in offensive weapon systems outside of combat configurations Impulse maneuvering is also sacrificed to an increase in speed. Although the K-22 and D-12 are getting on in years and out gunned by many new ship designs they still pose a heavy threat when used in wolf packs.

The D-32 and D-41 Kvort light cruisers were introduced following the khitomer accord while the economy boomed with the new federation alliance. The D-32 is slightly faster and more maneuverable due to it\'s shorter wing moment as a result of the anhedral wing design but lacks the fire and shield power of the D-41. The D-41 with it\'s dihedral wing design increases the wing moment slightly hampering maneuverability but allowing larger eps conduits to be routed through the wing baffles to allow an increase in performance of the wing mounted weapon and shielding systems. Both variations are capable of fighting in their warp configurations however a major decrease of power output to the wing mounted weapon systems due a configuration change in the wing baffles only allows enough power to fire secondary cannons. Although they can operate at a higher impulse velocity in warp configuration maneuverability is seriously hampered.

The LB-42 Great Bird Was developed for the Klingon Defense force when the need arose to replace the aging D-7 medium cruiser. The Vorcha was planed to be the ultimate replacement but was still in the preliminary stages of design. With the tried and true bird of prey design in production on a smaller scale with the B\'rel and K\'vort variants upsizing the current design to produce a tempory solution to a major gap in the Defense strategy was the only logical step. The final product came under heavy criticism due to the subsequent problems of it\'s massive size. Despite the massive forward firing power and heavy shielding it was vulnerable to attack from even slightly more maneuverable ships because like all previous bird of prey designs (rear firing torpedo tube aside) it only had forward firing capability. However until the Vorcha was in production this cruiser was able to temporarily fill the Defense strategy gap with smaller escorts flying support. Instead of scraping the remaining LB-42 fleet after the vorcha was introduced they were sold to various independent houses around the empire who felt the need to have a \"Base Killer\" type starship in their personal arsenals.
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