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This is C&C Retarded, the mod designed to maximize the FunFactor potential of CNC3. Do not judge this mod by how stupid it's name is, this mod will truly "ROCK YOU ARE FACE"!!!

Changes/Features 2.6:

Juggernaught has been enhanced.

Nod Commando has been buffed.

New GDI Unit - The Rance Costa (EMP Sniper Squad), Fires EMP Bullets that disables vehicles and structures.

All power plants now give you twice as much power.

GDI Commando has more health.[/quote]

New Unit:
The Rance Costa - EMP Sniper Team
[quote]Squads of 5
Weapon - EMP Sniper Rifle
Fires EMP Bullets
Disables Vehicles Structures and Aircraft.
Costs 12000
Training Time is 12 Seconds
Note: EMP Bullets cause time dilation when used at high altitudes. Expect Aircraft Frozen in time...
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