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Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy this big update. This update should balance the game much more.

Changes/Features 2.1:
Starting Units have been changed.

Now Runs on patch 1.08

New menu music

Now works with most nocd cracks.

GDI Harvester's Railgun has been made more powerful.

The Nod Scorpion Tank has been made more powerful.

Cranes no longer require an mcv to be constructed.

GDI Riflemen and predator Tanks have been buffed.

Build times for early tier gdi tanks have been brought up.

GDI Battle Base has been made more powerful.

Zone Trooper drop now comes with a commando.

Splash damage from predictors and orcas have been enlarged.

Fanatics deal twice as much damage.

Fanatics are now stealth when not moving.

Watch Tower defenses take up less power.

Mammoth tanks, zone troopers and juggernauts deal more damage.

Orca range enlarged.

Shock Troopers do more damage.

Watch tower defenses deal more damage.

Nod Sam missiles deal more splash damage.

Increased GDI MCV health

Nod MCV Stealth when not moving

Scrin Disintergraters now deal more damage and can now walk on cliffs.

Tripods instant kill infantry and do more damage.

Devastator warships have been made more devastating and more accurate.

Juggernaut range has been extended.

Nod Commando is now stealth WHILE moving.

Planetary Assault Carriers Fighters are now stronger.

Range and damage of beam cannon is now larger.

Flame tanks deal more damage.
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