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Crossfire continues the epic adventures of Edison Trent. Get ready for a brand new experience in a breathtaking and extraordinary environment. This mod is the unofficial sequel to Freelancer with the most stunning graphics and worlds you have ever seen. Jump into an atomspheric universe full of surprises, challenges incredible adventures. Experience the awesome gameplay, highest quality and unique features of Crossfire. With several hundred thousand downloads, four Mod Award Nominations and it's very large fan community Crossfire has developed to one of the most favorite Singleplayer and Multiplayer mods for Freelancer.
highly improved graphics
hundreds of stunning effects
atmospherical music tracks
highly improved AI
dynamic lights
destructable universe
dynamic economy and dynamic universe
thousands of side stories and rumours
quest based storyline
147 high detailed systems
more than 290 new ships
more than 50 custom stations
more than 160 new stations/planets
countless new equipment and commodities
13 new factions including 8 new races
three new sectors
new shaders
planetary worlds
higher render details
DLC (Downloadable Content)
perfect gameplay
Mod offers an installer.
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