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Hey Crew hope you're doing awesome :) I decided to finnish up a promise i made to a cousin
of mine called Fabian, a really super bro, always supportive and fun to be around..So here's
your map i promised and i must say i am quite pleased with the way it turned out..It features
light infantry vehicles and some transport Helis, but has the feel of a decent infantry battle
all the same..Textures and lightmaps came out quite good..The ambient effects give the map
a solid immersive feel..The AI Mesh Covered most of the Combat area the AI will move freely
and attack you on all points as Navpoints are evenly distributed between all Capture Points..
Lol so prepare to rumble on this one friends cause as soon as you spawn the action is never
too far away xD

To install the map just extract the zip file and place Map Gamer_Fabians_Island
to your "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels"

Have fun watch your six soldier! With plenty Gamer food n drink of course and good LUCK
try not to stop and watch the scenery :) cause this will be a very intense battle!

Al MIguel aka Gamer_Flash
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