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Wow. Just wow. I haven't seen a map so detailed as this one in a very long time. :beer:

A new developer known as Sh4d0w brings us this new map, [aL]Castle, and, let me just say, from the screenshots, this map is incredible! Lots of props to the author for such a high-quality map. The author says that this map was originally made for the Zombie gametype, but, after some tests, the map turned out to be an "enjoyable" map for TDM and DM. So, if you've always wanted to pwn some buddies in a medieval-themed castle, here's your chance! And no castle comes complete without a throne room to command your subjects!

I can't really think of anything else to say right now, I mean, it's a medieval map, it has a castle, it works on TDM, DM and of course Zombies... what else do you need? Check out the screenies below, and don't forget to download [aL]Castle now!! :thumbsup: :D

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