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As already shown as Work in Progress (WIP) in the PotD Section, here's finally a release.
It's just a teaser showing my BT-77 Medium Battle Tank in a random jungle environment.
This map does not support any gametypes, it's not supposed to be a playable map.
It's just giving you a first glimpse at my upcoming Tank Pack, still WIP.

Next release will be adding new content, like adding more versions of the tank, and splitting it up into
seperate parts so you'll have the ability to modify the tank. Damaged and destroyed versions may follow.

Please Note that this is not an actual vehicle. It's just a bunch of parts thrown together to look like a tank.
You will not be able to drive the tank or shoot the tank's cannon.

If you have any suggestions or requests, please post them in the comments. I'd gladly take some new
ideas from you guys, because I'm running out of ideas...

[b]Some additional information:[/b]

[*][i]BT-77A Medium Battle Tank[/i]
[*]Armament: 7.62cm Pak; coax 7.7mm machine gun; 7.7mm machine gun on front
[*]Ammunition: Pak: HE, HEAT, AT; machine guns: anti personnel rounds, tracers
[*]Design based on several tank models of WWII
[*]1200hp Diesel engine, providing max speed of ~75kph
[*]weight ~42t
[*]Armor Front/Sides/Back: 70mm/40mm/40mm
[*]Size Height/Width/Length: 3768mm/8945mm/5374mm

[*]No supported Multiplayer Map; no gametypes/spawnpoints etc.
[*]Jungle area, small village, surrounded by cliffs; small fort on top
[*]Very small area, made for screenshooting purposes only

[*]Known Bugs: Some clipping errors, some flickering textures.
Probably not fixable, but I'm still trying to improve it.

[*]Advice: Deactivate the function that automatically links objects, like e.g. walls.
I don't know the name, I'm using german version.
If you don't, some parts of the threads will be linked to the floor, and that doesn't look too good.

Please take a look at the Readme for more information.
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