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version: v.1.10 USAThis patch is all inclusive and includes all the fixes from the earlier v1.02-v1.08 patches.INSTALL NOTE:If you have already installed the Marines Module then you DO NOT need to install this patch. The Marines Module already updates the core CMSF game to this version (1.10).PREVIOUS SAVE GAME COMPATIBILITY NOTE:Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT compatible with v1.10. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch.COMPATIBILITY WITH MODS:Due to the potential of conflicts with pre v1.10 game Mods, we advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing the v1.10 game patch. Mod authors will need to updated their mods using the v1.10 strings.txt embedded into the new "Version 110.brz" file.CMSF v1.10 FEATURESINTERFACE* Movement Destination Highlights: When placing a waypoint over ground terrain, the destination "action spot" is highlighted in yellow. Teams B and C (if any) also have their adjacent destinations highlighted when plotting moves and when giving facing orders attached to a final waypoint. Note that final facing is important for positioning "wing man" teams, so you should attach facing orders to final waypoints as needed.* New Color for KIA: The colored "highlight disc" for dead soldiers is brown, to distinguish them from seriously wounded soldiers whose disc remains red. "Buddy aid" can still be given to dead soldiers, but all it does is reclaim their ammo and weapons if possible. "Aid" to dead soldiers is pretty quick.* Target Arc and Facing orders may be given with mouse clicks that go "off map".* When placing a target arc, the distance in meters is displayed.* Disembarking troops may attach Face, Deploy, and Pop Smoke orders to waypoints.* "Target" command is available in the editor to check LOS (no targeting orders are saved).ARTILLERY AND AIR SUPPORT* New sound effects for incoming rounds, jets, helicopters, cannon fire, bombs, spotters, controllers.* Computer player uses artillery and air support dynamically throughout the game, not just pre-planned strikes.* Smoke artillery missions (and computer-player AI Support Plans may use it)* Aircraft no longer drop unguided ("dumb") bombs to reflect recent/current loadout standards for tactical combat air support. All bombs are laser- or GPS-guided.* F-15, F-16, and FA-18 no longer expend cannon rounds on ground targets. Pilots have informed us that in a high-threat environment it would be rare for cannon to be used against ground targets.* Respond faster to "cease fire" orders.* Missions cannot be "adjusted" while they are still being "received".* "Emergency" missions are not available for pre-planned artillery strikes because they are not necessary.* Hydra-70 rockets are slightly more accurate.INFANTRY MOVEMENT* Fire on the Move: Moving soldiers will sometimes stop and take a quick shot at nearby/exposed enemy troops, then resume moving.- Soldiers are more likely to stop and shoot at enemies in front of them, less to the sides and rear.- Accuracy is modestly reduced.- Pause to fire most often: SLOW and MOVE (and HUNT stops the whole unit to engage).- Pause to fire least often: FAST, and the moving soldiers in ASSAULT.- If moving FAST or ASSAULT the soldier will not stop to reload. He will keep on moving.* Moving Under Fire: Moving troops that come under heavy fire will only switch to Slow (i.e. crawling) if they are so tired that they could otherwise only use walking speed (i.e. not even Quick). Otherwise they try to move faster. And sometimes they cancel their move altogether and seek nearby cover.* Moving infantry does a better job of spotting enemies.* Soldiers do a better job finding ridgeline positions even when "heavy" cover like trees is also present.* Soldiers position themselves better at corners of buildings and walls.* Soldiers move faster with Fast move, even when carrying heavy loads.* When soldiers using HUNT get too tired, they stop and pause for 90 seconds instead of changing to MOVE.* Soldiers move along trench lines better.* Sound effects for footsteps.* Squads and teams are a little less likely to "stay pinned" if they have a very short move ordered to better cover than they are in.* Soldiers who move Slow (i.e. crawl) will tend to keep their heads down for a little while after reaching the destination even if there is no incoming fire and no enemies are spotted.* Soldiers won't move out of good protection into poor protection just to gain a line of fire.* Faster dismount movement.* Individuals soldiers will act upon facing orders at the new waypoint without waiting for their teammates to arrive first.* Waypoints to vehicles are drawn with a slight elevation to make it clear that it's an "embark".VEHICLES* New vehicles:- M1A1SA TUSK Abrams tank- M1A2 SEP TUSK Abrams tank- M2A3 IFV Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)- M3A3 CFV Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)- M7A3 BFIST Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)- M1114 HMMV armed with Mk.19 grenade launcher* Improved damage algorithms for external systems on armored vehicles (e.g. optics, smoke generators, lasers, missile launchers).* Secondary explosions for burning vehicles as ammunition "cooks off".* Dust and smoke from heavy rounds impacting on a vehicle will not hide that vehicle from its attackers.* Improved vehicle navigation in narrow urban spaces.* Hiding vehicles that are struck by a projectile, or that spot an enemy vehicle targeting them will automatically un-hide.* Humvees upgraded with "Frag-5" armor, carry more ammo, and all have radios.* Vehicle-mounted automatic weapons tend to fire slightly longer bursts, especially at other vehicles. Exception: the BMP-2 cannon can't fire long bursts without needing aim adjustments.* Tank gunners are quicker at adjusting turret rotation to counterbalance if the hull starts rotating.* ATGM-armed vehicles will fire missiles at ground area targets if ordered to do so.* Light vehicles (like Humvees) start the game "opened up" by default.* VIED detonation AI improved so it does a better job destroying enemy AFVs.* Big knock-out hits are more likely to cause vehicles to burn and sometimes blast out a crater beneath the vehicle.GRAPHICS* Big explosions near the camera "flash" the viewscreen briefly.* Improved airburst graphics.* Improved highway graphics.* Collapsed buildings kick up more dust.* Frame rate improvement for maps with large numbers of roads, highways, grass, brush, or small rocks.MISCELLANEOUS* 35 New Quick Battle Maps* Internet Play: improved speed and reliability.* "Elite" mode changed so that friendly troops are always displayed, even when not spotted by the current unit. A new mode called "Iron" behaves like the old Elite mode.* Explosions: the simulation of blast and shrapnel effects has been improved. The main thing you'll likely notice is that huge weapons like airplane bombs are a bit less able to cause casualties at long range. * Bunkers- Handled better by computer player- Protect correctly versus artillery fire- Correctly simulate top hits from Javelins* Soldiers' carrying capacity reduced to a more realistic weight limit.* Spotting info is "passed along" to friendly units that are immediately adjacent (roughly within 25m or so) much like it already works with passing it along the chain of command.* Soldiers in sniper and javelin and forward observer teams (and similar) are less likely to use their weapons aggressively except in self-defense (not including the "main weapon" soldier, e.g. the sniper or javelin gunner).* Improved selection and organization of soldiers when splitting into teams, and also when later rejoining.* Improved damage model for trees.* Machineguns may "deploy" inside buildings, though assembly time is 2+ minutes.* Seriously-wounded (red disc) soldiers who have not received "buddy aid" (i.e. disappeared) by the end of the game have a 25% chance of becoming KIA in the final tally.* M4 rifles observe the built-in burst limit of 3 rounds.* Smarter AI for switching weapons (if a soldier has two) for area fire.* If a soldier becomes a casualty while in the act of throwing a grenade, the grenade will fall to the side (not too far away) and explode, generally with bad consequences for friendly troops.* Syrian 30mm ammo used by BMP series vehicles is HE-incendiary.* Aim time for Javelin is longer (roughly 20 seconds depending on the soldier).* Guided missiles use flatter flight paths.* On Veteran and Elite levels, you will not hear voices of unspotted enemies.* Sound effects for weapon reloading.* New background sounds for day and night.* RPG-29 rate of fire reduced.* Added a "special equipment icon" for night vision gear.* Display is slightly brighter during overcast night conditions (no change to simulation).BUG FIXES* Splitting squads into teams works properly in PBEM.* Blast moves won't blast an already-destroyed wall, and Blast moves through walls that are "fused" to buildings work properly.* Spies and other "stealthy" enemies (who are not yet discovered) never appear as generic "?" spot contacts.* Grenades will never explode by hitting the building from which they were thrown.* Corrected a problem that sometimes caused Teams to ignore waypoints and move back to an old location to which they had previously Assault-moved.* Fixed a bug that caused skirt and slat armor to be too powerful against HEAT rounds.* Trenches don't give so much cover to high-angle incoming shots.* ATGMs whose gunners are unable to guide the missile (e.g. because they were killed) lose guidance.* Casualty icons do not appear for unspotted enemies in turn-based games.* Fixed a "floating ceiling" graphical bug in buildings with their top floors destroyed.* Fixed a "nuclear explosion" bug.* Corrected a problem that showed mission briefing text improperly inside the editor.* Formations with very long names fit better into the game interface.* Corrected a pathfinding bug with waypoints placed too close to marshes.* Fixed some issues with fire-support vehicles not reducing artillery delay times.
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