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Here\'s a sweet new LAN/arena-style map made specifically for small games (2-8 players recommended) in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. It does [b]not[/b] by any means sacrifice aesthetic quality, though, so those of you interested in the genre should definitely appreciate this creation by FancyPants! ;) It\'s got lots of objects strewn about the map to give good natural cover, as well as the plentiful trees and divided bunkers and watchtowers. Even though the theme is sort of a dead look [i]--[/i] grays, browns, etc. [i]--[/i] the map does actually have an pleasing appearance to the eye for whatever reason (at least to me :P ), so make sure you check it out in the screenshots, and battle your buddies on Deadyard today! :thumbsup:
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