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version: v.1.03Game logic� ZOC don�t prevent retreat anymore� Retreat damages algorithm improved with variables exported for modding (see AGE Wiki)� Can now abort a unit construction by exiting �build mode�, selecting it and hitting the key.� It is no longer possible to make a breach with any unit (like cavalry). You now need at least one artillery or engineer element or a unit with a siege abilityor a unit/leader with a special trait (�Breacher�).� If you are in supply when besieged with at least one supply wagon or a depot, you can only surrender if you fail your discipline test AND you fail a 5%chance to a percentage roll.� If you are besieged, weaker than the besieger, with a breach in the structure and only in partial supply, then your troop discipline will get a -3 modifier(more chance to surrender).� Supply can now pass through neutral territory (case of Russian supply in Polish territory).� You no longer assault structures if you are still moving, you only assault them if you have stopped moving (the region of the structure is your destinationor you don't move at all) UNLESS your ROE is also 'all out attack'. Both the assault posture and ROE tooltips have been updated to explain that to theplayer.◦ This is to prevent serious problems for the AI that has been observed in several of the AGE games with unexpected assaults from the AI: Shewants to assault region X, but in the end it happens she will before assault region Y!� Commander in chief class ability added� Prisoners scripts commands added� Fixed Major Roads to function properly� Added GameRules to prevent ongoing Unit maintenance costs and Conscript decay� Added GameRule to allow AI to properly take over a Faction that was being controlled or edited by a human player� Added parameter to prevent ''premature massive retirement'' of leaders� Added game parameters to increase cohesion losses in combat [to reduce chances for multi-day combat and prolonged bloody combat]� Consolidated many Options files (.opt) in \Settings into single GameLogic.opt file� Added debug commands Verbosity_Supp = 1 and Verbosity_Sounds = 1 in System.opt� Sounds are now regulated by Alias� Game engine no longer requires DirectX to play the music.� Newest Game engine (120315)◦ Adjusted Naval Supply system◦ Fixes bug that allowed a lone leader to make a region contested, thus preventing Depot construction.Special Orders� You can now build fortified camps at the cost of 1 supply + 1 artillery element [you cannot build forts]� Cavalry is more impaired by difficult terrains and well organized infantry.� Bug fixed regarding depot construction and supply unit usage.� Losing depleted elements will cost less morale.� Production time calculation revised (again). A unit with a Build Rate of 100 should be unlocked in one turn� Depot construction time adjusted to insure completion in one turn [14 days]. Build start and build completion messages adjusted.AI� AI will be less aggressive (parameters exported for modding)� AI will regroup better corps with army HQ (�flocking behavior�)� New AI algorithm: concentrate, can apply to all threatened stacks.� Leaders now redeploy slightly better toward candidate stacks� It is now possible to define an affinity for each leader toward certain stacks (modding)� Fixed: Theaters ratio miscalculated sometime, leading to too aggressive behaviors in some cases.� Thanks to Clovis good work (work done by modding the AI), the AI is now better for winter quartering and objectives assessment.◦ Events were omitted for several beta releases. Reinstated in 1.03 RC12◦ �Priority� of AI Event processing adjusted, to ensure AI Winter Quarters and AI Saxon Capitulation events function properly.� the AI now considers the % of light elements (raiders, cavalry) when checking for assaults against a structure, and not just the ratio of power between thedefenders and the assaulting force.� New AI parameter: aiCTM_ThreatValInFow in AI.opt to help regulate AI agressivness� Fixed syntax errors in AIFocus_OMB.inc (incorrect usage of Theaters and Areas)� Corrected several Alias errors in the AI event files (thank you Lafrite for the Python� script checking tools)Events� Modified error on Prussian general Lolh�ffel� Added Clovis' Winter quarters and Balances files for AI [reinstated in 1.03 RC12]� Fixed leaderless Swedish brigade in reinforcement� Modified the number of Militia replacements added each year.� An automatic conversion of excess conscripts into line replacement conversion beyond a certain level.� Excessive Militia or Light Infantry replacements will be converted into conscripts.� Added Supply replacements� Fixed arrival of Prince William when Zastrow has already been killed. Will join largest Force in Hannover/WestFalen/Bremen extended areas(defined by Area $Hannover_Territory)� Fixed Ferdinand of Brunswick multiple choice event to not trigger if Ferdinand has already been promoted to 3 Star General� Fixed lack of message to AUS player when Browne dies. Modified death event so it cannot occur until Browne is replaced by Charles� Extended �VP Balance� events through the end of 1763� Reduced quantity of ongoing Light Infantry replacements� Added check for existing Leader for all purchase Leader Options� Fixed duplicate Soltikov events� Reworked Saxon Capitulation events� Now only the 3 road regions leading to Pirna must be controlled� Dresden� Radeburg� Dippoldiswalde� Probability once regions are controlled is now 100% (was 75%, causing reports that event wasn't working)� Capitulation must occur before the end of 1756 (was through April 1757)� When requirements are met, capitulation will occur immediately.� Reminder: if Prussia is AI, capitulation can also occur if� PRU maintains a Siege in Pirna for 2 turns (uses the new EvalBesieged script command!),� and the requirements for Saxon Escape are not met (see next item).� A set of events allow Saxon Army escape to avoid surrender.� At least half of the starting Saxon Army must completely leave the Pirna Region to qualify as �escaped�.� Once �escaped�, Saxon Surrender events are disabled� �Escape� will supress the Surrender event.� The AI also has logic to �sortie� [move outside the fortified camp] at a modest percent possible, if a significant Austrian relief force is present inLobositz or Dippoldiswalde.� National Morale adjustments are made if huge NM losses occur during a battle in Saxony.� Added AI interest events for PRU AI.� Fixed notification errors for Saxon Capitulation event.� Simplified the Pass Blocked icon system to only show icons in the actual regions that are Passes� Corrected several region Alias errors in 1757, Pass Blocked, Balances, RoP Options Reinforcement, Campaign 62-63, PrusianAI and Austrian AI2 eventfiles� Revised Bavaria and Wurtemberg Heavy Cav replacement (become now standard)� Modified ongoing AUS coalition replacements to better match the Forces and ForcePool� Modified events where Army Leader is replaced (the new leader must be activated as Army, but will retain all Corps structure if done immediately):◦ Soltikov/Fermor in 1759◦ Charles of Lorraine/von Browne in 1757� Revised 1756 Austrian Transfer events to remove the troops and announce the moves one turn before the arrival in new locations.◦ Corrected ''locked'' duration for units joining Daun [in the case he is moving]� Hannover, French and Russian Options now activated only when their Armies are activated� Added Naval supply in the Baltic (mostly to assist Russian supply lines) as an event. Saves prior to patch 1.03 RC1 not compatible.� Corrected event where Burtulin replaces Soltikov� Corrected first Swedish reinforcement Option to require ownership of Straslund.Setups� Added some additional annual Heavy Cav replacements for all nations� Removed useless AUS Skirmisher replacements� Fixed duplicate Dyherrn & co (3 brigades) wrongly setup in Alsace in 1756 scenario. These units now appear with the 1757 Event 'Arm�e La Dauphine'� Corrected Unit name Braunschweig-Behr I. in the 1756 Setup� Emden starts 1756 Setup unblocked.� All Scenarios: Emden now part of the Oldenburg Area (was in Nederland)� 1756 Campaign:� Modified arrival dates and locations of the French Armies� Removed duplicated forces (Soubise & the Armee d'Allemagne arrives with duplicate French brigades) from at-start.� Blocked Polish regions east of Koenigsburg to help AI (unblock when Russians land at Memel)� Lorraine unblocks early to allow repositioning of forces� Lamberg Force in Mainz is locked until HRE enters war� Moved starting location of Rhein Flotte from Frankfurt am Main to Koln (to avoid attrition in blocked port)Strings� Several minor string corrections� More French leaders bios added� German language version corrections and additions� Added missing strings for �Replacements Conversion� Options� Corrected text for British first contingent to say �....arrives near Bremen.�� Corrected de Ville and Morocz names in Austrian Transfer messages.� Corrected several text references and unused events (thank you Lafrite for the Python� script checking tools)Map� fixed bridge on map between Wien and Krems� fixed map links between Tabor, Pisek and Rokitzan� Modified terrain in Karslbad to be woods, not hills, as per map graphics� Added Magdeburg, Minden, Wesel and Emden as potential Prussian recruitment centers� Brunn region terrain changedDB� Corrected *pillager* attribute to light infantry and cavalry for petty war (Klein Krieg) purpose� Added Merchantships (for naval supply)� Corrected Cossacks families to use Raider replacements (not cavalry)� Corrected missing fire damage for Hussars & Carabiniers� Fortress Artillery changed family to Heavy Artillery (for replacements)� Corrected �Military Genius� ability/icon for Friedrich II von Preussen model (Ability alias was misspelled)� Corrected Alias for �Offensive Master� ability for Ernst von Laudon (AUS), Moritz von Anhalt-Dessau (PRU)� Other assorted Alias corrections� BAV and WUR Dragoon Units corrected to properly accept Regular Cavalry replacements� Corrected obscure Army Name bug in AUS and RUS Faction files [was causing �Army not an Army� bug seen in beta tests]� Added Alt_Area = $Lorraine to French Depot Battalions to allow more build locationsGraphics / Interface� Fixed missing HorseGrenadier Army picture for Russia� Fixed missing images for French Chasseurs de Fisher and Saint-Victor events� Fixed missing images for Saint-Victor and Fischer French events� Changed wrong Wedell army pictures� Abilities cleared correctly (graphic glitch) when viewing a model with less abilities than the previous.� Updated Pictures for leaders:� AUS: Ried, Buckow, d'Ursel and Neipperg,� BRU: Frederick Augustus of Brunswick,� PRU: Belling, Prittwitz, Stutterheim, Lentulus, Itzenplitz, Zastrow and M�llendorf.� RUS: Kashkin, Mordvinov, and Suvorov� FRA: Voyer� SWE: Hessenstein� SAX: von Nostitz� Fixed leader graphics display� PRU: von Platen� Fixed Town name and region control icon displays� there is a more detailed tooltip on the entrench level icon� abilities tooltip have their appliance level added by code.� Fixed appearance of Element Detail window (thank you: Spada)� Wider Element Name space in Detail winow (thank you: BigDuke66)� Fixed missing colored bar in Battle Animation (thank you: Spada)� Fixed �faint letters� seen at top of map (thank you: Spada)� Removed �Tutorials� button from New Game selection list� Fixed the �Experience Tooltip�(in Element Detail window, shows experience required for next level)� Corrected graphics for Prussian Fusileers and Trained Infantry� Corrected graphics for British Fusileers� Updated portrait for Frederick [thank you JacquesDeLalaing]� Modified MiniMap stack icon colors for PRU and AUS to be more visible� Corrected Portraits of Swedish Grenadiers, Regular Infantry and Light Infantry� Corrected several event image references (thank you Lafrite for the Python� script checking tools)
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