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Well then, the moment a lot of you have been waiting for is here: Spanki has released his Sith Customization Pack for the public to foam at the mouth and claw at with bandwidth =_,=

Well then, let us get started. FIrst off, I shall give out the basic stats that Spanki provided for us in the readme. Not including the bonus skins of famous SW characters he provided, the customization offers:

- 27 customization screens
- 96 customizable heads ( + 11 unique heads of RPG chars )
- 288 customizable torsos ( + 11 unique torsos of RPG chars )
- 20 customizable boots
- red and blue glowing lights variations
- 552.960 possibilities at all

These factors are no doubt earth-shatteringly astounding to the publics eyes, no less. This, however, presents a problem to those who enjoy the JCP: 32 customization screens is the limit on JA, and as such, you're left to either fend for yourself in hunting for the right outfit, or you'll have to dump one. Sort of disappointing, actually, because I felt like this could have been prevented.

The reason I say this is because most of the focus on this pack was mostly in the TORSOS, as opposed to the heads. There are only actually 3 "sets" of heads to work with, so to speak. Whilst you were given slightly limited clothing options with 6 sets of heads in the JCP, now you have 3 sets with MASSIVE clothing options. Honestly, *I* personally didn't like the trade off, as it resulted in the above problem, and the head selection was a little out there for my tastes.

Granted, the above paragraph IN NO WAY states that this skin pack is bad. Suffice to say, it's magnificent to behold and use. However, I'm not the kind of guy who likes his Sith to be dressed in enough aesthetics to mask his entire ethnicity half the time and be mistaken for a gluttonous merchant. Whilst this is not the case in this pack, I did notice that there weren't exactly a lot of normal, human faces. The first set of faces is dark, brooding, and unnatural looking, as a typical Sith would look like. The second set features mostly alien races. The third set is a mixture of some human and alien races. Most of the human faces in this section aren't very diverse, however. They tend to sport similar features, and as I mentioned before, there's no average looking face. Not every Dark force user bathes in pure Darkside in the morning o_O.

Gripes aside, we move onto the massive department store of outfits. My word, looks like black and brooding is in this season, eh? =_o A lot of the clothing options here were pretty dark, but a lot of them sported SOME form of alternating color, so as not to make every outfit the same. Armor variations and what have you were also included in this pack, so you can go into combat well-armed. Featured exclusively in this customization to stand out from the JCP would be the ability to have a "hood only" customization option, so as to mask your visage without having the heavy robe to carry about.

Diverting away from the customization section, we can see in our menu that we have 11 delicious characters to select now. They are:

Exar Khun
Darth Bane
Darth Krayt
A´shared Hett
Darth Kruhl
Ulic Qel Droma
Kyp Durron
Cade Skywalker
Jagged Fel
Nomi Sunrider ( I wanted to include something for the ladies :P )

Apparently one female skin was enough to say he was throwing the ladies a bone XD ⌐_⌐....

Moving on, it is safe to say that all of these skins are amazingly awesome to behold. They're finely crafted, although a lot of them don't seem to sport hooded versions. Ah well.

Sounds. The majority of the sounds in this pack were composed of altered Kyle and Jaden(both genders if I'm not mistaken,) soundbits. Some taunts sounded out of place for some of the RPG characters presented, and I wasn't too thrilled when the customizations were stuck with a monstrous form of dark side Jaden's overacted lines, but overall, they were still a pretty well chosen set of sounds.

So =_= here it is. Now you must decide for yourself whether to remain on your so called path of light or embrace the power of emotion, and unleash the true fury of humanoid-kind. Those willing for the latter(or both O_o) are more than encouraged to submit bandwidth to this powerful pack of skins. Me? Eh, might keep it, might not. Either way, it still stomps colons.

Bot Support:Aye
NPC Support:Aye
New Sounds: Aye
Team Support:Nay

- Averus Retruthan
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