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Monkey Harris has released a new version of KPDED2 which allows you to run enhanced dedicated public Kingpin servers.

The main change is a fix for the stalled download problem (some people have had problems when downloading maps etc from the server that the download stalls).

It also adds a "win_priority auto" config option to boost the server's CPU priority when the server is in use (on Windows only).

If you're planning on running a Kingpin server it's recommended that you use the KPDED2 file. Basically you use the kpded2.exe instead of the kingpin.exe in your server shortcut and add any of the new options you want to use on your server to the server.cfg.


As well as fixing bugs and security holes, kpded2 adds a bunch of other improvements, including the following:

* A workaround for the Kingpin client's broken download support, to allow sounds and skies to be downloaded from the server. PAK files and other Game DLL specific files can also be downloaded from the server.

* Reduced bandwidth, memory and CPU usage. Very low CPU usage when idle mode is enabled by the Game DLL or config.

* Packet loss measurement and duplicate packet sending to reduce it.

* Message buffering to prevent overflows.

* Support for team info in server browsers.

* When a player has parental control active, they will not hear cursing sounds.

* A new console window with command history on Windows ("-oldconsole" can be used in the command-line to enable the old style console window).

* A bunch of new config options and commands (see the readme).

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