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O2M is an advanced visual tool that can create and edit mods for Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares. It's built as a front-end for the Unofficial 1.50 Fan Patch, which in return fixes most issues and crashes that plagued the game.

Mods can greatly enhance your play experience and bring this very nice game back to life. O2M attempts to make dealing with mods as abstract as possible, hiding away the complicated file management and making modding available even for the most inexperienced users.

O2M also provides a game launcher, allowing you to easily apply mods and start the game with a simple click.

- Windows XP or later
- NET 3.5 (Windows 8+ users may need to install this)
- Master of Orion 2 (DOS version, fully installed and patched up to v1.31)
- DOSBox v0.74+
- Unofficial Fan Patch 1.50 (lite version included in this package)

How to install:
- download and install DOSBox;
- fully install Master of Orion 2 inside DOSBox and patch it up to v1.31 (if you only do a partial install, the Unofficial Fan Patch might complain that it cannot find some files);
- download and install NET 3.5 if it's not already installed;
- download and unzip O2M;
- run O2M and fill in the requested paths (O2M is a Windows program, you must not run it inside DOSBox);
- select some of the available mods, or create your own;
- hit Launch Game from the launcher module to start the game.
If you get stuck somewhere, most dialogs have their own help page. All modding parameters are also documented.

- select Clear Settings from File > Settings;
- delete O2M.exe, that's it!

Note 1: O2M is a stand-alone executable, it doesn't have an installer/uninstaller, and it can run from any location.
Note 2: O2M does NOT alter any Master of Orion 2 files.
Note 3: O2M does NOT store data in the Windows registry.

Have fun modding and playing Master of Orion 2!
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