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Another, dated 2160, real time strategy with known series of Earth, which already since 1998 creates a known Polish development studio Reality Pump. This part of the action is a continuation of the events in which we participated in three poprzedniczkach marked the date of 2150 and takes place after the destruction of Earth. It turns out that all three parties to the conflict, with which we had to deal with before, IE. Eurasian dynasty, the Lunar Corporation and Union of Civilized States (since the fighting on Mars, where the master computer has decided to exterminate all people, consisting only of the machines and robots), survived and now compete with each other for dominance in the solar system, and in addition to the long-standing dispute joins fourth-power of the stranger. Over the years they have been put on Mars, and eventually woke up their landing ship unification of Civilized States and now, as well as by thousands of years, striving to help bring his reign in the solar system.
Note: The Demo contains one level of the Eurasian Dynasty campaign and one of the Lunar Corporation campaign. Each of them is limited to 45 minutes of the game.
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