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Full-fledged sequel to stronghold , 2001, which is an excellent strategy game set in the realities of the middle ages. As in the original, so this section, construction, maintenance in good condition and powerful defense of the fortress and castles is the essence of the game. Exactly as in the previous section, the player has the choice of two single-player campaigns. The first puts more emphasis on military affairs and the other on economics. The course of each mission has remained almost the same, IE. We need to perform basic tasks given to us by the game, for example. accumulate a certain amount of raw materials within a given time, to defend the Castle against several waves of attacks, and so on. In addition to the campaign modes there is also a traditional "sandbox mode", as well as multiplayer.
What definitely is part of the second from the first, is the artwork. This time we are dealing with a fully three-dimensional graphical (bird's eye view), through which we can observe each element of the life of the medieval city. We see people travelling in open space, as well as performing their duties in an enclosed area, homes and workshops, farm animals, etc. Of course, the new engine also made it possible to increase the momentum of battles and sieges of fortresses, and the reason is that it allows you to display about 1000 units simultaneously on the screen, and the fight goes well inside the various fortifications, towers and bastions.
Note: Demo in English. Includes tutorial and the single-player campaign consists of three missions.
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