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Another scene tactical action game depicting the Police SWAT units. She was in the Studio, developer Irrational Games, known for creating such well-known titles as System Shock 2, Tribes: Vengeance and Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich. The main mode of SWAT 4, IE. "career", allows players to command a detachment of police officers included in this elite unit, in several (about 16) dangerous missions as reflecting the hostages from the hands of the terrorists and the arrest of a very dangerous and unpredictable consequences for the offender. While we follow here the fate of selected police officers (that are emerging as the elite recruits in SWAT), simply get another job and try your best to perform. Before any action at check-acquaint themselves with the operational details, then we have weapons and equipment for our Department and starts ... "Career mode" training is also available, as well as two other modes: the "instant action" and "quick missions".
Note: The Demo allows only single-player gameplay. Contains one mission to release hostages in Victory Imports Auto Center, and also allows you to create your own missions using Quick Mission Maker (QMM).
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