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Wasteland Angel is a combination of dynamic racing and shooting, "referring to the blockbuster years ago- Interstate ' 76. The action takes us to the post-apocalyptic world ruined by World War III. The population on the ground has decreased dramatically, and only a few have found shelter in the ruined cities. At the same time on the surface of the wyległy hordes of mutants and the usual zakapiorów mercilessly gnębiących survivor population. You play as a female soldier who travels between isolated habitats with elaborate all sorts of car armored human weapons and in defence of the ordinary, defenseless citizens.
In terms of game Wasteland Angel is a return to the classic arcade games. The action is shown in the view "from the top". Play is fast and effective. Opponents attack us from virtually every page, and the screen without interruption is shaken by the powerful explosions. During the fight we can enrich a variety of power-ups, new weapons and additional ammunition. All vehicles in the game shoot of them, machine guns, rocket launchers and many others. We also have access to the remote detonowanych min. over time, gain new and better vehicles capable of firing nuclear weapons even.
Note: Demo in English. Below the original description:
The demo puts you smack-dab in the middle of the fight-you must protect the citizens of Highwall, one of the last remaining havens for survivors of WWIII from the hillbilly mutant freaks trying to enslave them. Fight off spiked tractors, Gatling gun toting pickup trucks and armored school buses looking to kill or capture innocent town folk.
§ 3 Tutorial Levels;
§ Stage 5 – Mutant Area, featuring 4 levels including a boss and bonus challenge.
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