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The Aegian class is a next-generation frigate, approximately equal in capabilities to the New Orleans class ships from the 2350s.
While the New Orleans concentrated on firepower and adaptability, the Aegian instead mounts a sophisticated suite of fleet support systems, designed to enhance and expand the combat performance of vessels in its immediate vicinity.
Scientific capability is also present, and Aegian class ships can greatly supplement an exploratory mission.
The design of the Aegian class frigate is quite unique: the saucer section is small in proportion to the drive section, which houses most of the Aegian\'s specialized systems.
These include a sensor countermeasures and jamming unit, a strong shield generator that can reinforce or replace the shield bubble of several other vessels at once, and a central encrypted computer hub that can instantly update information of all ships in a fleet.
While these systems seem only useful in combat, Aegian class frigates have also been assigned to escort of exploratory vessels, and can use these abilities to defend an lightly armed scout, pool the efforts of several research ships, or increase the shield and energy reserves of a ship investigating dangerous phenomena.
The Aegian class began development in 2364, and was put on the fast-track to construction after the Starship Enterprise-D encountered the Borg at System J25 in 2365.
The U.S.S. Aegian was not completed in time for the Wolf 359 battle, but it and its classmates saw extensive action against the Borg during the 2373 and 2377 invasions of Federation territory.
They performed admirably, but like most classes developed to counter the Borg, most of their enhancements proved ineffectual.
The abilities of the Aegian were put to great use during the Dominion war however, leading to several Starfleet victories.
The USS Aegian, NCC-68849, was launched in 2367.
Fought in the 2373 Borg invasion and several battles during the Dominion War.
Several of the Aegian-Class ships have been pressed into service as well-armed Medical vessels, which is a rarity among hospital ships.
Many others have been outfitted as technology testbeds, and the Class is expected to enjoy a long line of service.
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