Artificial Island

Box art for Artificial Island For: Crysis Wars
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Artificial Island is small map for Crysis Wars
ArtificialIsland map
This is beautifull island with incredible environment, unfortunately it never existed in real world.
You can walking free around and explore the world, freedom of motion is not limited. No action required (no missions, no fire, no soldiers), it's for people who love nature, but you can find some interesting objects and see some actions.

System Requirements:
-Have a valid copy of Crysis Wars(on Crysis game has not tested) and have installed the lastest patch for Crysis Wars.
(download patch link:
- Have a DX10 compatible Graphics Card
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, graphic card with 512 Mb of RAM or more.~170Mb of free disk space.
Recommended for best performance OS Windows x64 (with high perfomance CPU and 4Gb RAM or more)

*It's was created to use in very high games setting for the best view.

Installation instruction:
Download and run the standart installation wizard, click next to select destination as Crysis Wars root folder to install Artificial Island map.Wait until setup program is finished. For manual launch: doble click on "Artificial_island - map.cmd", it locates in the games root folder.
HD textures pack for level available for download below
link: Crysis Wars
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