Panima: Part 1

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We have a treat for you Crysis Wars lovers out there today! Grimy has paid us a visit and dropped of his newest creation, all to enhance your gaming experience!

Panima: Part 1 [i]Woods[/i] is all about...yup, you guessed it, pitting your skills against enemy forces and fighting for your survival in the forest. Once you load up this Single-Player map, you will find that you are on a mission to locate a North Korean base hidden deep in the jungle...but things start to go wrong when you find the Nano-Soldier you were supposed to meet hanging from a tree with his head cut off...things just went from routine to worse!

This map is the first attempt by Grimy using the sandbox 2 editor, and this download is only half of the completed work as the second part will be released sometime around the end of April; The reason for this, as Grimy explains, is because he couldn't add all that he wanted to add in one map.

Refer to the readme for more information, and stay tuned for Part 2!
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