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This mappack contains 6 skirmish maps (3 ground and 3 space maps). These maps and many more will be included in the Mod 'SWOTE' which will add among some awesome new units and planets a totally new Campaign! This mappack will give you a foretaste of the new maps, here created by the mapper Locutus (me). Hope you like it.


Each base is located in one of the map's lower corners, a lot of small islands
are connecting them. There is short way to the enemy's base but it's blocked by a
pirates base.

A huge empire fortress which isn't easy to capture. To defence the important choke points will be the road to success.

~Unknown World:
Some beautiful temple ruins in the middle of huge mountains are the arena of the battle. To protect the mining facilities is the key to victory.


4 Player space map with the team's bases in the opposed corners and mining facilities located in the other ones.

Similar to the Hapes map but with a Construction pod in the middle of the map.

A huge nebula with astroid fields in it divides the map. To move your ships through it to send new reinforcement ships is the problem you have to deal with.
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