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[quote]Broadcasts successfully cast spells to party / raid chat and also whispers certain spells to the targets.

Chat commands:
/anno - Displays help.
/anno toggle - Toggles the addon on/off.
/anno capital - Toggles CAPITAL letters on/off for spell names.
/anno party - Toggle party broadcast on/off.
/anno raid - Toggle raid broadcast on/off. Note: Will suppress party broadcast if you're in raid.
/anno whisper - Toggle whisper on/off.

Spells include:

* Warrior: Challenging shout, Shattering Throw, Enraged Regeneration, Disarm, Shield Wall
* Rogue: Dismantle, Blind, Sap, Tricks of the Trade
* Hunter: Deterrence, Misdirection, Master's Call, Wywern Sting
* Warlock: Soulstone Resurrection, Demonic Circle: Teleport
* Shaman: Hex
* Priest: Fear Ward, Shackle Undead, Mind Control, Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression, Power Infusion
* Paladin: Hand of Salvation, Repentance, Hammer of Justice, Avenger's Shield silence effect
* Mage: Polymorph: Black Cat, Pig, Rabbit, Serpent, Turkey, Turtle, Sheep
* Druid: Innervate, Rebirth, Cyclone, Challenging Roar
* Death Knight: Strangulate, Hungering Cold, Pet: Gnaw stun, Hysteria

Whispers for:

* Rogue: Tricks of the Trade
* Warlock: Soulstone Ressurection
* Priest: Power Infusion
* Druid: Innervate
* Paladin: Hand of Salvation
* Death Knight: Hysteria

Note: Most spells are for level 80 only, the lower ranks won't work.
To do: Graphical interface where you can choose which spells will be broadcasted.[/quote]
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