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Just a little addon that gives numerical values for health and mana, with an option to add an XP bar in the player frame. Does the same thing for player targets, party members and player/party pets, but keep in mind that non-party targets will display their health as a fraction (in hundredths, e.g. 38/100) unless you have another addon that tracks mob stats.

[quote]Blizzard Unit Frame eXtender

Uses Ace2

This is the latest stop on my never ending quest for my perfect unit frames. Heavily inspired by Gypsy Unit Frames, BUFX gives the default unit frames health and mana readouts for player and target, and health readouts for party members and your pet. Also included are options to replace the default textures with square frames (on by default), perfect for users of Adapt, as well as an XP/Rep bar (off by default) beneath the frame. BUFX also allows the player and target frames, and the party member frames to be scaled


Gypsy - for doing it first
FuXPFu - From which I was able to make sense of the whole XP/Rep bar thing
Gello - for the code to change the Party Pet frame textures

Known Issues:
Haven\'t gotten around to changing the focus glow on the target frame, so it looks a little weird.

Change Log:
1.7.20003 - Updated toc to 2.0.3 (finally)
- updated Ace2 to r28160
1.7.20000 - Updated for WoW 2.0
- Added in healthbar fading, as requested by many
1.6.11200 c- Updated to Ace 2 revision 15896
1.6.11200 b - Updated to Ace2 revision 13682
- Added Ace2 to OptionalDeps
1.6.11200 - TOC updated for 1.12
- Updated to Ace2 revision 10255
- tweaked the health text colour transition
1.5.11100 - Added option to show health and mana deficit on all frames
- Updated Ace2
1.4.11100 - Implemented Feature request 1142
- Added MobHealth3 support
1.3.11100 - Implemented Feature 1135
- Party pet frames now get square textures.
1.2.11100 - Implemented Feature request 1128 - still mostly untested. Seems to work ok though
1.1.11100 - Updated Ace2. Hopefully no more Bug 1752
1.0.11100 - Initial public release[/quote]
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