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textures, update MRJOHN

you need to delete the Armored Voyager files Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Star Trek Legacy/ look for all Armored Voyager and delete the file
Credits and Thanks
Dual fiering torps by wilv
Nickname: wilv
Email: funkidseventynineataoldotcom


Chris Jones Gaming Network, FOR THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE MOD for Star Trek: Legacy

The ablative armour generators generated, as the name suggests, ablative armor. Ablative armor is a type of material that when hit with weapons fire, absorbs the energy and dissipates away from the hull, bringing the destructive energy of the weapon away from the ship so it is not damaged. The ablative armor generator generates the material for the ablative armor as it is dissipated with weapons fire, therefore providing a virtually impenetrable type of shield as long as the generators don't lose power. Now, how the generators create the armor is a kind of mystery, they never explained that, and I've seen no fan theories on the matter. My personal opinion is that the generators are some kind of replicator, as you see in crew quarters and mess halls, that replicate ablative armor and place it as needed. However, such a system must require large amounts of energy, but I'm sure Admiral Janeway figured out a way to overcome that obstacle ;-P.

Transphasic torpedoes, as far as I understand it, are just regular torpedoes (with maybe a higher energy yield) that have the ability to destroy Borg cubes in one or two shots. The technology behind this, as some fans believe, is that the torpedoes carry a phased cloaking device, similar to the one featured on the ST:TNG episode "The Pegasus" (link to episode summary: ). When the torpedo is fired, it finds its target, then phases out of our space-time continuum, allowing it to pass through matter. One the torpedo reaches the center of the object it is targeted at, it phases back into our continuum and detonates inside whatever object it is targeted at, causing the maximum amount of damage. Therefore, transphasic torpedoes are meant to skip past a ship's shields and hull, because we all know how well Federation weapons do against Borg cube hulls -cough- -forty ships- -cough-


______________ MRJOHN____________________________

Credits and Thanks

Title : Intrepid to a Armored Voyager

Filename : P81_Intrepid

Date : 4/1/2002

Author : Rick Knox a.k.a pneumonic81 //// 12-06-04 /// 6-25-06 REWORK BY MRJOHN [email protected]
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