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Looking nefarious, battle hardened and ready to let loose the dogs of war, MrJohn introduces the Klingon D4 Battlecruiser, and my what a superb looking ship it is.

The D4 class battle cruiser was a type of warship designed and built by the Klingon Empire during the mid 22nd through mid 23rd centuries. The distinctive silhouette became as much a symbol of the Empire as the Imperial Trefoil itself, and was carried forward into the D6 and D7 classes.

The primary design this page refers to as D4 has so far only appeared in the 2006 Ships of the Line Calendar and Ships of the Line book. The design was created by Robert Bonchune, intended to be used in the Enterprise episode Unexpected, unfortunately as the production team had been over worked on the earliest Enterprise episodes they did not have time to make the model and a K't'inga class was used instead. Later appearances by the Klingons only featured specifically Enterprise era designs and Bonchune did eventually make a model of the D4, but it did not make an appearance on screen.

The game Legacy also features a D4 class, an Enterprise era vessel but not the Bonchune design, this type of D4 is also known as the Predator class in the game.

This is another good solid piece of work from MrJohn, the quality is impressive and the textures are what Legacy's Klingons should look like! Definitely worth getting this ship!


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nEw-GEN http://www.new-gen-mods.net.ms/ ,for the learn to mod

Chris Jones Gaming Network, FOR THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE MOD for Star Trek: Legacy


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