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This is my accurate and detailed Kelvin Class (the actual class from what
I read), and full weapon names and types for all my addons released as
well as specific errors and what solutions I have found for those errors
on some variants of ofp. Also a few TOS and ENT extras
- CJKelvinClassplus

The Kelvin Class is from Star Trek XI and was a heavy cruiser, it now has
two weapon beam types and more detailed including an animated engine and
an accurate engineering hull with shuttle hanger and a different registry
(since I already released the USS Kelvin) it only requires the texture file
those who want to use my TOS fed troops will have to download them and put
them in manually (uses default crew).

The error file lists some bugs like waypoints and projectile weapon crashes
(that I found occur on some variants of Flashpoint).

There is several weapons listings files that have all weapons and magazine
names for my addons that I released so if one has an issue, or would simply
like to substitute, add, or remove a weapon or magazine they can (The error
and weapons listing are in standard .txt documents).

The ENT era ships are a single addon with a weapon file with it and includes
the NV and NW classes for both pre-fed Starfleet and Terran Empire, also a
TOS pack with some unique ships including one of my own ideas for the
Federation and Terran Empire sides.

Thanks!!! Enjoy!!!
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