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We've got two new, well-produced CoD2 videos for today, this first one "Hell's Highway" coming from Herz and Ødin. Cinematically speaking, this work is marvelous. The music and dubbed sounds go great with the action—granted, the spoken German doesn't reflect what the English captions say, but that's insignificant to the movie—and a liberal use of camera angles and special effects really make the visuals appealing. From an American standpoint, I admit it's a little unnerving to see the Germans killing our guys from their perspective, but of course, this otherwise fictional battle is supposed to be something that could've happened (and it probably did in some other battles) on a completely historical level. Thankfully, a disclaimer has been included to dismiss any negative ideas this production might have given the viewer; please read through it in the ReadMe section below because it's rather important in this instance. With all that out of the way, I highly recommend you download and watch this video as a masterfully rendered work of CoD2 footage with a healthy dose of drama, plot, and creativity thrown in. ;)

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