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textures, MRJOHN
.ODF,.M3D,DDS 2023

textures: Star Trek Legal ,textures, update MRJOHN
mesh parts: P81 Bridge Commander, MRJOHN [email protected]

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U.S.S. Miranda can be traced back to the year 2272. In the light of the technical advances that were being made in the Constitution class refit programme, Starfleet had sought to design an upgrade to the current frigate fleet, utilising the new technologies being used on the new Enterprise. The design which was later to become U.S.S. Miranda was intended to be simply an improvement on the frigate design, but the increased mass and capabilities soon had the design reclassified as a cruiser. NXP2272CL was the design selected by Starfleet as the testbed vessel to test this concept. U.S.S. Miranda, a refit of the existing science vessel NCC 1833, would compete against another design: Soyuz class NXP2270FH. Both designs were based on the older frigate design which had served Starfleet for the last few decades. Miranda was to be rebuilt at San Francisco Fleet Yards, whilst Soyuz was rebuilt at Baikonur. The first vessel of the new NXP2272CL design was NX 1833, the original vessel of the old frigate design, which was now chosen to be the pioneer of a new refit class.

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