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Takaro's CryImporter is for Importing geometry and animation from Crytek CGF, CGA, and CAF files into 3ds max 6 or above.
A new version of the Takaro CryImporter is now available, with a couple of interesting new features:
Added support for CAL files, so you can import all of the CAF animation files associated with a particular model in one hit, rather than having to do it individually.
Added support for importing morpher targets at an arbitrary time. This means that facial expressions can be added to the model after making changes to the basic mesh. As long as you don't alter the facial vertices or delete any vertices, it should work. If you do delete any vertices, it may still work, depending on whether any of the facial vertices got renumbered because of the deletion.
This release is version 1.1 of the utility.

This is a must have for any moddeler! See the readme for complete notes.
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