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Download the best free models for Counter-Strike. You can download these Counter-Strike models for free from the biggest Counter-Strike library on the internet. Fast easy and free downloads.
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rigged counter strike 1.6 models for maxon cinema 4D weapon and player modelscounter strike 1.6 m...
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Counter-Strike 433 downloads | 3.12 MB
In this small pack i have got all the default v_ models from 1.5 and changed the origins to give the...
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The silencer on the USP and the M4 shows up when the weapon is idle.Version 1 - Silencer Idle
Counter-Strike 373 downloads | 2.84 MB
ELITE SOCOM by Napoleon 2 types of hands: - Napoleon's Real HL2 Hands - World Craf...
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Here is the models to kz_man_halloween2004Models counter-strike 1.6
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i got bored of the standard cs skins so i went and made my own by porting them. To install simply...
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I present my zombie_source.mdl cool edit. No more no headshot zombie skin in your ZM servers with cu...
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This is the skinuri model for CS 1.6.This is the skinuri model for CS 1.6.
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